Arava – Tear Stain Remover – Eye Stain Cleaner for Dogs & Cats – Natural Ingredients & 26 Dead Sea Minerals – Safe & Effective for Pets – Removes Tear & Saliva Stains & Prevents New Ones

Brand: Arava – Dead Sea Pet Spa


  • REMOVE EYE TEAR & SALIVA STAINS from your dog’s or cat’s face. The 100% natural ingredients combined with the 26 skin- nourishing Dead Sea minerals will penetrate your pet’s hair structure and remove existing eye tear and saliva stains
  • PREVENT NEW PET TEAR & SALIVA STAINS by killing the bacteria that cause them. The Arava tear stain remover for dogs includes natural ingredients which will help prevent saliva stains
  • UNLIKE ALL THOSE CHEAPLY-MADE DOG TEAR STAIN REMOVERS that promise immediate action but fail to deliver, our eye tear stain cleaner for pets is the only treatment that will offer you permanent results, if used correctly. It might take 4-8 weeks to remove stains, but the results will last
  • 100% CLEAN, HEALTHY & HAPPY PETS OR YOUR MONEY BACK! That’s our unconditional 30-days guarantee! If you are not 100% thrilled with your tear stain cleaner for pets, then we promise to offer you a full refund


Discover The Vet-Approved Eye Tear Stain Treatment That Will Keep Your Pet Happy & Clean!

Looking for a safe, efficient and natural tear stain remover for dogs? Need a healthy and reliable eye stain cleaner for cats? Want to make sure that your pet’s face, eyes and mouth are free from bacteria and future stains?

Introducing The Arava Exclusive Eye Tear & Saliva Stain Cleaner For Dogs & Cats!

Now you can efficiently remove all existing tear or saliva stains from your pet’s face and prevent the appearance of new stains thanks to our tear stain remover’s DOUBLE CLEANING EFFECT!

EXISTING STAINS – our all-natural tear stain cleaner will deeply penetrate hair structure in order to effectively remove existing tear or saliva stains.

NEW STAINS – just removing existing stains is not enough. Our vet-approved formula will prevent new stains by eliminating the bacteria that cause them.

Why Choose The Arava Dog Saliva Stain Remover?

100% Natural Botanical Ingredients (Sophora, Wild Yam & Willow)

26 Dead Sea Minerals (Including Zinc, Calcium, Potassium, Iodine, Sodium, Iron & More)

Safe, Antibacterial, Anti-Inflammatory & Hypoallergenic Formula

FDA-Approved & Vet-Recommended Pet Saliva Cleaner

For Maximum Results, Use With Arava Pet Eye Wipes

Finally, Here’s A Permanent Treatment!

If you want to remove tear stains once and for all, you need to use the Arava doggy tear stain remover every single day for 4-8 weeks. That way the nourishing ingredients will have enough time to thoroughly cleanse your pet’s face and prevent new stains.

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