Complete Puppy Care

Author: Shojai, Amy

Edition: 2

Number Of Pages: 352

Publisher: Furry Muse Publishing

Release Date: 03-03-2017

Details: Product Description YOUR PUPPY BIBLE! A definitive guide for adopting puppies, puppy health care, pet first aid, dog behavior information and positive training how to advice from pet expert Amy Shojai. Packed with veterinary medicine facts, dog health and care how-to tips, and fascinating information and advice. The perfect holiday puppy gift for dog lovers! Learn about: Choosing puppies Puppy training and potty training Dog language Dog breeds versus rescue dogs Solving puppy behavior problems Puppy food Puppy grooming how-to tips Lure training and clicker training Introduce puppies to dogs, cats, babies and kids Latest veterinary medicine recommendations How to recognizing common health issues, and what to do First aid and home remedies that save you money–and your puppy’s life! More than two-dozen SQUEE! cute puppy pictures Canine legends, myths Weird and Wacky answers to why puppies drink from the toilet, why dogs act guilty, reasons dogs hump your leg, and more! Categories include: training puppies, puppy care, dog care and health, veterinary medicine, behavior, puppy training book, dog breeds, dog first aid From the Author Hey there, thanks for finding me on Author Central–and it appears wehave “pet love” in common! It appears we share our “puppy love” so CONGRATS on your new furry wonder. Puppy-hood only lasts a few short month, and can be the most delightful and the greatest challenge for you. I’m sure that puppies were designed to be full of cute-icity, so we’d be tolerant of their hijinks. Yikes! My house still has chew-marks from when my dogs were babies. Your new puppy is a sponge eager to soak up all the lessons you can teach. That’s why I wrote COMPLETE PUPPY CARE (as a companion to the COMPLETE KITTEN CARE book), to help you get off on the right ‘paw’ and build a relationship that grows stronger as the years go on. Let’s face it–the CUTE FACTOR only goes so far, so I’ve included training tips, behavior advice, care information and even first aid help to keep your bumbling baby safe. I currently live with a 10-year-old GermanShepherd comedian dog, a 4-year-old silver shaded tabby delinquent, anda 21-years-youngSiamese wannabe. The pet intro how-to in the book worked great when I brought Magical-Dawg home (he was 8 weeks, and Seren-kitty was 9 years old!). If you have a multi-dog household the tips in ComPETability: Solving Behavior Problems in Your Multi-Dog Household may be helpful, too. And I hope your new pup lives to a ripe old age in which case my book Complete Care for Your Aging Dog will keep him happy during his golden years. From the Back Cover EVERYTHING PUPPIES! Your Expert Source for Puppy Health Care, Behavior & Training This is it–the one book you need when you’re ready to add a new puppy to your household. The book offers a veritable PUPPIES 101 packed with up-to-date canine facts: choosing, training & talking with your puppy pedigreed vs. shelter pups & their personalities introducing puppies to people & pets behavior, food & grooming considerations medical concerns & life-saving first aid dog legends, myths, and fun facts puppy & adult dog resources list boxes, sidebars, and lists featuring favorite products & tips, explanations & warnings to keep your puppy safe AMY SHOJAI, CABC is a nationally known authority on pet care and behavior, and the award-winning author of more than 30 books. Learn more about her cat and dog books at About the Author Amy Shojai has been reinventing herself for years. She also writes the September Day & Shadow pet-centric thriller series LOST AND FOUND, HIDE AND SEEK and SHOW AND TELL (and others) that includes an animal behaviorist hero and service dog viewpoint character. Amy is a certified animal behavior consultant, and the award-winning author of 30 best selling pet books that cover furry babies to old-fogies, first aid to natural healing, and behavior/training to Chicken Soup-icity. She created the site, the cat behavior content