First-Year Puppy Health Care: A How-To Health Care Guide to for the First Twelve Months of Your New Dogs Life

Author: de Klerk, Dr. Joanna

Number Of Pages: 242

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 06-12-2019

Details: Have you recently bought or rescued a puppy? Or maybe you’re thinking about it? Maybe you’re a dog breeder and regularly have puppies in your house? Regardless of whether you are new to puppies or a seasoned professional, this book will provide you with a helpful go-to guide for all puppy-specific health problems that your dog might encounter in their first year of life. First Year Puppy Health Care has been compiled by veterinarian Dr Jo de Klerk. It is a comprehensive guide to the top 50 puppy health problems, written in a way that is easy to understand. For each health problem you will learn everything you need to know; how it affects your dog, how it is diagnosed, how it is treated and the seriousness of it. The book will give you peace of mind about the health of your puppy, ensuring that you are confident in how your puppy needs to be treated and how to help him to be as healthy as can be. Topics include: Types of Health Problems How to Choose a Healthy Puppy Vaccinations Worming Ecto-Parasite Control Young Puppy Exercise Pet Insurance Microchipping Nutrition Dental Care Socialization Training Parasite Control Nail Clipping The First Trip to the Groomer Neutering Weight Management …and a comprehensive list of the TOP 50 Health problems that you may face in the first year of your puppies life with: Information About the Condition The Seriousness of the Condition How Frequent the Condition is The Prognosis The Age When the Condition Commonly Affects Puppies The Clinical Signs The Breeds Most Commonly Affected The Diagnosis The Treatment Options Be completely ready to raise a happy, healthy puppy with “First Year Puppy Health Care”!