SmartPetLove 3-Pack of Heat Packs for Pets

Brand: SmartPetLove


  • All natural, safe and non-toxic for humans and pets
  • Retail Savings over buying individual Heat Packs
  • Can be sealed in an airtight bag after opening for later use
  • Disposable and odorless
  • Up to 24 hours of safe, comfortable warmth

Publisher: Snuggle Pet Products

Details: Need a replacement heat pack for your snuggle puppy? You’re in the right place! With no electricity, microwaving, or mess our heat packs are perfect for comforting your furry friend. Heat packs are safe for pets and people alike, stay warm up to 24 hours, are all natural, disposable, and odorless. Don’t need it for the full 24 hours? Simply reseal the pouch in an airtight bag after opening for later use. The average temperature for the heat packs runs 126F-144F (52C-62C). You can purchase extra heat packs in sets of 3, 6, or 12.