This baby boy is dreaming of long winter nights by a warm cozy fire with his new family. Dixon say’s “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”.

Dixon is such a sweet and friendly boy that not even the Grinch can resist him 🙂 He has a BEAUTIFUL coat of fur that has AMAZING dark markings and his HANDSOME face will always look like a little “Teddy Bear”. His hair is silky and a wee bit straight right now but after his first haircut….oh my goodness, he’s going to look AMAZING and his coat will come in with a wonderfully soft and loose curl. Easily manageable 🙂

This good natured boy is eager to please and will be a quick learner when it comes to potty and puppy training….which we’ve already started.

I would love to talk to you more about Dixon. He’s everything you could ask for in a Cavachon and then some! Please feel free to email cavachonabydesign@hotmail.com or call 865-679-4569.

All of our puppy’s are very precious to us as I have helped to deliver each and every one of them for over 20 years now. Born and raised in our home, Dixon has been given all the love and attention required to make him an outstanding companion to both the young and the young at heart. His size will be right around 12 lbs when fully grown. ….not too small and not too big.

We do offer a flight nanny service as well as a driver if needed. We have our puppies all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany as well as other European Countries.

“Dixon’s” Sire comes from FAMOUS CHAMPION Cavalier bloodlines as well as his Bichon Mother!


What Adoptive Families Have To Say:

Hi Yvonne,

“Toby became a certified therapy dog with the national organization of Pet Partners (formerly Delta) in April of this year. Through this organization, a dog is eligible to take the therapy testing at a year of age. I was delighted as we passed the therapy testing only 10 days after Toby was one year of age. He continues to be a fabulous companion and a delightful pet. We have worked with Hospice and, in addition, made many visits to a long term care facility where a family member resides. He brings happiness and smiles to all who interact with him. As you are aware, my goal has been to be involved in a children’s reading program. I am happy to report we will have our first reading visit with children in mid December. Toby and I are a part of a local therapy organization, Caring Canines, which is sponsored by Dogwood Acres Pet Retreat. The reading program is new to our area and I am delighted to be a part of it. Hopefully, I will be able to send you a picture and report of our first reading program visit! Many thanks for a wonderful dog!”


Our puppies are NOT inexpensive. There is a big difference between “Price” and “Cost”. People often interchange price and cost, but it’s important to recognize the significant difference between the two. Remember the old adage, “Beware the cost of the lowest price”? Well, it rings true. Just because you may find a that is less expensive than a Cavachon by Design puppy, doesn’t mean you will save money in the long run! I can’t tell you how many sad stories I’ve heard over the years of families that have spent thousands on vet bills, watched their beloved pet suffer and dried their children’s tears all because of careless Cavachon breeding. These people say “I wish we had adopted a Cavachon by Design puppy in the first place”! PLEASE, before you compromise and adopt that cheaper pup for a lesser “Price”, ask yourself if it will really be worth the “Cost” in the end.

If you’d like more information on our upcoming pups, please feel free to email from our “Contact” page or call 865-679-4569.