"Our precious Sunny has found her new forever home!"

Our puppies are already sleeping through the night before they leave our home as well as crate and potty training fundamentals.

We provide our families with an abundance of training information, recommendations, items to stay away from (for various reasons), a sample schedule that your puppy will already be used to (that can be adapted to your lifestyle), health education, and SO MUCH MORE. We aren’t your typical breeder! Years of breeding has given us wisdom that we are happy to impart to you. You’ll find health and longevity for your puppy with those imparted years of wisdom and our EXCEPTIONAL breeding practices.

We do offer a flight nanny service or driver if needed.

Our puppies can be found all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, as well as other European countries.


COLORING: Butterscotch and White/Hypoallergenic

ADULT SIZE: 11-12 lbs.


DESCRIPTION: This is our precious “Sunnie” I named her such because she is a ray of sunshine in our lives. She’s always eager to just “be” with us and she is pretty much up for anything. She has a nice laid back way about her and she too would make a sweet little therapy dog. Many of our pups go on to be therapy dogs in some capacity or another. We even have our dogs in therapy programs in hospitals as well as crisis response dogs.

Please enjoy Sunnie’s video and if you have any questions or would like to discuss adoption further, please feel free to call or text 865-679-4569 or email through our “contact” page found on our website. Kindly, Yvonne

There is no doubt that you can always come across breeders selling Cavachon puppies for less. My goodness, it seems that new breeders of all kinds are popping up on the internet every day! I feel exceptionally bad for the new puppy parent who actually has to try to navigate through the maze of breeders out there. I’m so thankful for the families over the years who have purchased a puppy from us and many who have gone on to purchase more than one puppy from us and/or who have referred us to family and friends. It makes it so much easier on families that way!

Our puppies are NOT inexpensive. We’re not the most expensive and we’re not the least expensive, but we are one of the leading Cavachon breeders in the nation!! There is a big difference between “Price” and “Cost”. People often interchange price and cost, but it’s important to recognize the significant difference between the two. Remember the old adage, “Beware the Cost of the Lowest Price”? Well, it rings true. Just because you may find a Cavachon that is less expensive than a Cavachons by Design puppy, doesn’t mean you will save money in the long run!! PLEASE, before you compromise and adopt that cheaper pup for a lesser “Price”, ask yourself if it will really be worth the “Cost” in the end. If it is your desire to bring the MOST EXCEPTIONAL Cavachon puppy into your life, then look no further, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’d like more information on our upcoming litters, please feel free to email us from our “contact” page or call/text 865-679-4569.