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Four Important Commands to Teach Your Cavachon

Do you want to train your puppy/dog the fun way? Try positive reinforcement training! What’s not fun about treats, attention, and best of all your company!

First, you want to teach him to COME. Start by using a long leash on your dog in a small fenced in area or a room that will afford few distractions. Call your dogs name and at the same time offer him a treat and an abundance of praise! After doing this a few times and successfully having him come to you, say his name, then the word “COME!” Offer him another treat. It won’t take long for him to learn that “Come!” means you want him to move toward you. Every time he comes, offer him something yummy, or give him a toy and don’t forget to add the praise!

Secondly, you want to teach your dog to SIT. Begin with your dog in a standing position. Show him the delicious treat you have and then move your hand from his nose down toward his tail. As you do this, his eyes should follow your hand and his bottom should move downward into a sitting position. Tell him “Good!” and give him that yummy treat. After he has figured out what you want him to do, add the word “Sit” as you present him the treat. This command could one day save your dogs life!

Thirdly, is the command “DOWN!” Oh boy, is this a good one to learn. Start by having your dog in the “SIT” position……see how these commands build on each other. Next….you guessed it….show him that yummy treat. Put it near his nose, and slowly move your hand down to the ground and then along the floor in front of him. Your dogs head should move down toward the treat and then follow your hand along the floor, in turn causing his body to lower. The goal is to get his elbows to touch the ground. It may take a few try’s so go ahead and give him a treat even if they don’t touch the first few times. Once he understand what your looking for, go ahead and add the “Down” cue.

Now we come to the fourth important command. This involves the word “Stay.” You initially will need to master the first three commands before attempting this last one as it’s a bit more tricky. Begin your training with your dog in the “Sit” or “Down” position. It’s best to teach this while your dog is on a small rug or mat. Firmly ask him to “Stay”, while holding your hand up. You want the palm of your hand to firmly say “stop” to him. Let three seconds go by and then call him to you and once again…..give him that oh so yummy treat. Then right away, turn him around and take him back to that rug or mat and ask him to “Sit” or “Stay” again. Eventually you want to get up to 30 seconds or more and ultimately you want to be able to leave the room and have him stay right where you left him.

Just remember, your Cavachon by Design puppy is well bred and will aim to please. After all he/she does come from the Bichon line and they were circus dogs at one time. As for the treats…..they are so important, HOWEVER, make them small treats. If the rolls were reversed, it would be like your dog giving you a part of a yummy donut every time you did something right! Just imagine how wonderful that donut tastes but just imagine how much weight you could put on too! Use wisdom and have fun!

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