Oh this sweet baby girl has the face of an ANGEL! This is Charlotte’s first
Christmas season and so far she’s loving it! 🙂 What would make it even better
you ask?…..Charlotte say’s the answer to that question is “To Meet Her Forever

Charlotte was just wonderful when it came to having her pictures taken….she’s a
“go with the flow” type puppy and as an adult she will weigh 10-12 lbs. a great
size for all family lifestyles!

Charlotte has a BEAUTIFUL coat of Tri colored fur which is a GLORIOUS pairing
of Brown, Black and White. She also has a wonderful lineage just as all of our
pups do! Call or email today so that you can bring this gorgeous baby girl “Home
For The Holidays!” Yvonne


What Adoptive Families Have To Say:

We have been incredibly pleased with our Cavachon from Yvonne. We have some dear friends who have purchased two Cavachons from Yvonne, and that is how we came to know her. They bought one little fellow (Louie) and then came back for a female (Abby). Our friends have very high standards, and their dogs have been healthy and all things a Cavachon should be. We had met Louie quite some time ago, and he was adorable. We read up on Cavachons, called our friends, and thought this might be the dog for us. At that point, we reached out to Yvonne, and she was a little light on puppies from the pandemic. Yvonne is a very careful breeder and maintains very high standards. All of her representations of our little fellow are spot on. She cares and has demonstrated that long after the check was cashed. We wanted a bigger male, and she went to great lengths to help us. We ended up with a Ruby Red Cavachon, and he is a doll. Everyone who meets Rocky falls in love with him. He has a delightful personality and is true to the breed. He’s healthy, well proportioned, and a delightful fellow to be around.

I would buy another puppy from Yvonne. She’s a good businesswoman and delivers on her commitments. I trust you would find the same experience and a wonderful new companion.

Bill H.

We provide all of our adoptive families wonderful information sheets to help them on the journey of puppy hood. We cover how to prepare before your little one arrives at your home, as well as crate and potty training….which by the way, we’ve already started before your puppy leaves our home! We even cover things to avoid to ensure your puppy remains healthy for years and years to come!

If you’d like more information on our upcoming pups, please feel free to email from our “Contact” page or call 865-679-4569.