Introducing Mr. Spencer! This baby boy is just full of CAVACHON CUTENESS and that little “Teddy Bear” face…..I mean…. it’s going to be hard to tell this baby he can’t have every treat and toy in the house! I think his little face should be made into a stuffed animal!! This little fellow can’t take a bad picture! Speaking of toys, Spencer made wonderful friends with all of the jungle animals today and even though he LOVES to play with others, he is quite content to play by himself too.

This sweet, Butterscotch and White colored boy is looking forward to meeting the world…..and his new family! If it’s hanging out to pull weeds in the garden, running errands around town, carpooling or taking a trip in the family RV, Spencer is your guy! Are you looking for a puppy that the neighbors will swoon over….then Spencer is your guy! Are you looking for a puppy with a charm and personality that will endear anyone to him….then Spencer is your guy!!

Spencer is looking to weight 12-15 lbs. as an adult. Spencer’s Mamma produces some AMAZING puppies both in LOOKS and PERSONALITY! Be sure to visit our FB page or our “Reviews” page…..our FUR BABIES and our REPUTATION speak for themselves!!! Please feel free to email or call if you’d like to discuss the adoption of our precious Spencer!

“Spencer’s” Sire comes from FAMOUS CHAMPION Cavalier bloodlines as well as his Bichon Mother! Nothing but the BEST from Cavachons by Design!


What Adoptive Families Have To Say:

Hi Yvonne,

“Toby became a certified therapy dog with the national organization of Pet Partners (formerly Delta) in April of this year. Through this organization, a dog is eligible to take the therapy testing at a year of age. I was delighted as we passed the therapy testing only 10 days after Toby was one year of age. He continues to be a fabulous companion and a delightful pet. We have worked with Hospice and, in addition, made many visits to a long term care facility where a family member resides. He brings happiness and smiles to all who interact with him. As you are aware, my goal has been to be involved in a children’s reading program. I am happy to report we will have our first reading visit with children in mid December. Toby and I are a part of a local therapy organization, Caring Canines, which is sponsored by Dogwood Acres Pet Retreat. The reading program is new to our area and I am delighted to be a part of it. Hopefully, I will be able to send you a picture and report of our first reading program visit! Many thanks for a wonderful dog!”


Our puppies are NOT inexpensive. There is a big difference between “Price” and “Cost”. People often interchange price and cost, but it’s important to recognize the significant difference between the two. Remember the old adage, “Beware the cost of the lowest price”? Well, it rings true. Just because you may find a that is less expensive than a Cavachon by Design puppy, doesn’t mean you will save money in the long run! I can’t tell you how many sad stories I’ve heard over the years of families that have spent thousands on vet bills, watched their beloved pet suffer and dried their children’s tears all because of careless Cavachon breeding. These people say “I wish we had adopted a Cavachon by Design puppy in the first place”! PLEASE, before you compromise and adopt that cheaper pup for a lesser “Price”, ask yourself if it will really be worth the “Cost” in the end.

If you’d like more information on our upcoming pups, please feel free to email from our “Contact” page or call 865-679-4569.