Perfect Pet Chews – Deer Antler Dog Chew – Grade A, All Natural, Organic, and Long Lasting Treats – Made from Naturally Shed Antlers in The USA – Small Treat for Dogs Weighing 10-20 lbs – 5-Count

Brand: Perfect Pet Chews


  • RECOMMENDED: This Deer Antler Dog Chew – Small Treat – 5-Count Is Sized for Dogs 10–20 Lbs. Our Small Deer Antler Will Be Approximately 3.5″ Long and Weigh at Least .5 Oz.
  • HEALTHY BENEFITS: Deer Antlers Are the Perfect Choice for More Aggressive Chewers. Completely Odorless and Are an Excellent Source of Calcium, Phosphorous, and Other Nutrients. These Long Lasting Chews Are Also a Great Way to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean, Massage Their Gums, and Exercise Their Jaw. They Are Jam Packed With Salubrious Nutrients to Aid in the Building of Strong Teeth and Bones and Clean the Dog’s Gums With the Mechanical Action of Chewing.
  • QUALITY: Premium North American Shed Antler, Grade A, All Natural, Organic, and Long Lasting Treats. All Edges Sanded Smooth. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • MADE IN THE USA: We Never Add Dyes, Preservatives or Chemical Enhancements. Antler Is a Porous Substance, Any Fluid Introduced Can Be Absorbed by the Antler, Thereby Altering Its Natural State. We Source Our Antlers Within the US and Because We Use Shed Antler, No Animals Are Harmed in the Collection of Our Antlers. Made From Naturally Shed Antlers in the USA.
  • SAFE FOR YOUR DOG: These Long-Lasting Deer Chews Are the Strongest Chew Available, and Will Not Splinter or Break Into Large, Dangerous Pieces.

Publisher: Crooked Creek Antlers, Inc.

Details: With so many natural dog chews on the market today, finding the perfect chew for your canine companion can be overwhelming. The task becomes even more daunting if you are looking for natural dog chews made in the USA. To make matters worse, once you decide to purchase antler chews, there are countless companies selling antler chews for dogs. Crooked Creek Antlers has been in the antler business for 17 years and we know antler dog chews. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, assisting our customers in finding the perfect pet chew for their canine companion. Perfect Pet Chews carries an entire line of all natural antler dog chews. Whether you are looking for antler chews for large dogs, natural dog chews for puppies or anything in between, Perfect Pet Chews has you covered with more than 50 dog chews made in America. Perfect Pet Chews natural dog chew bones are made from premium natural antler to provide the longest lasting and most appealing all natural dog treat for your pet. All cut edges have been sanded smooth to provide your pet with a safe antler dog toy. When purchasing an antler chew toy, in addition to choosing the correct size, it is imperative that you purchase the correct species to match your dog’s chewing habits. All natural deer antler chews are more dense than elk antler dog chews and are a great choice for aggressive chewers who are already familiar with all natural antlers for dogs. If this is your dog’s first antler dog bone, we recommend you begin by introducing one of our whole elk antler chews or even a flat moose antler dog chew. PLEASE NOTE: This is a natural product, each piece is unique is its appearance. However, you can be assured that your small deer antler dog chew from Perfect Pet Chews will be at least 3″ in length and weigh more than .5 oz.