PETWAY Petcare Wicked White Whitening and Stain Removal Shampoo – Natural Whitening Shampoo for Puppy, Free of Phosphates and Parabens, ph Balance Dog Shampoo Removes Stains, Dirt and Odour – 250ml


Color: White


  • ENHANCES WHITE COAT BREEDS: Carefully selected and blended all naturally based cosmetic concentrated ingredients are formulated explicitly for advanced whitening. Our dog shampoo contains no dye and no bleach, so your pet’s natural white coat color does not fade or discolor.
  • STAIN REMOVAL: Our stain remover dog shampoo is blue in appearance which assists in reducing dirty stains and unsightly stains caused from the tear, urine and licking. It works as a stain removing agent and so leaves no blue or grey residue on your pet’s coat and skin.
  • DEEP CLEANSING: Our natural pet shampoo contains a combination of rosemary oil and chamomile extracts which removes dirt, sweat, dead skin from your pet’s skin and thoroughly cleanses the coat of greasy and oily animals leaving a soft baby powder fragrance.
  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS: Petway Petcare never uses chemicals such as Sulphates, Paraben, enzymes or Phosphate in its natural pet shampoo. The soap free plant extract based formulation gives a rich, supple finish to pet grooming routine.
  • MADE IN AUSTRALIA: Maintaining our uncompromising quality standards across the entire process of ingredient selection, manufacturing through to packaging, all Petway Petcare range of products are manufactured exclusively in Australia.

Publisher: Petway Petcare

Details: Dogs are the most lovable pets and so are they playful and mischievous in all. They often play in dirty places and become unclean, full of stains and bring dirt and grime at home with them. Therefore, it is upto pet parents to make sure that their pets are clean again.

Petway Petcare Wicked White Whitening And Stain Removal Shampoo is a naturally based shampoo which gives optimal bathing results. The pet shampoo for dogs contains plant derived surfactants and deionised water which helps you keep your pet’s coat clean, lustrous, healthy and shiny. These fewer chemicals shampoo also helps in whitening, highlighting and brightening white patches and white coats breeds.

Petway Petcare have developed a range of high quality pet care products, using only the best of naturally derived ingredients that are free from harmful or harsh chemical ingredients. Trusted by professionals and loved by homes across Australia, our products are now available to all pet lovers in United States. For 30 years now, Petway Petcare has been recognised as a premium, yet value for money pet grooming aid.


1) Stain removing agent
2) Low allergen fragrance
3) Concentrated formula
4) Whitens white coat breeds
5) Bio-degradable and environmentally responsible
6) Not tested on animals
7) pH balanced
8) Free of phosphates, parabens, sulphate, bleach and enzymes

Directions for Use:

Shake well before use. Wet animal with fresh water and apply shampoo to the coat, as required and work in thoroughly with fingers to develop a rich, cleansing lather. Rinse off thoroughly and brush or comb coat. Avoid contact with eyes

Salon bath: For general clean dilute up to 30:1 with fresh warm water

Hydrobath: Add 5 ml per liter of water

Package Includes: 1 x Petway Petcare Wicked White Whitening And Stain Removal Shampoo – 250ml