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Teach Your Cavachon Puppy To Play Good Tug ‘O War

Have you ever been told that playing Tug O’ War with your puppy/dog is going to make them mean? Well that is not necessarily an accurate statement. Can it lead to problems…yes. Can you play in a manner that will avoid behavioral problems…yes! Canine family members love to play Tug O’ War, so lets learn what you can do to indulge them! It’s great exercise and a natural outlet for energy.

*NEVER play Tug O’ War with a puppy/dog that shows any form of aggression. The good news is that our well bred Cavachons by Design puppy won’t have this problem!

*Use the same toys for playing Tug O’ War and after playing the game, put the toy up and out of the reach of your puppy/dog.

*It’s very important that you are the one to initiate the game.

*You need to be the one to decide when the game is over. If you allow them to make that decision, they will feel that they’ve won the game. Let them know it’s over by using a command word such as “STOP”, “GIVE IT” or “DROP IT.” I talked about using yummy treats as positive reinforcement in my Blog titled “Four Important Commands to Teach Your Dog”, this can be another “treat” moment….when they graciously give up their toy.

*If they refuse to release the toy….the game is over! Don’t run around the house or the yard chasing your puppy/dog for the toy. Ignore them and don’t play the game for several days. Then you can initiate a new game of Tug O’ War.

*Only let them win some of the time.

*Always make it a rule that your puppy/dog’s mouth stays on their side of the toy. If there is any contact with your hand and their mouth or they are being overly possessive….end the game.

*Don’t lift your puppy/dog off the ground or dangle them with the Tug O’ War toy.

*Avoid allowing your children to play Tug O’ War with their puppy/dog IF they cannot enforce the above rules.

I hope these helpful guidelines assist you and your Cavachons by Design puppy/dog to spend a lifetime of playing many good games of Tug O’ War!

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